Tracking Lists

For ease of use, the newest Marine Debris Tracker app includes multiple pre-loaded lists of commonly found marine debris items. The default list is the NOAA Shoreline Assessment list of debris items. However, we are now able to host other pertinent lists (shown below). Everything on these lists fit into the categories of marine debris as shown on this website and in the app. For items you find that are not on the list you are using, there is is an option to log an item as “Other” and describe it. There is also a “Test Item” on every list so you can test out the app without contributing false data. You can contact us if custom lists are needed for a specific application and we may consider adding them. Available lists in the app:
  1. NOAA Marine Debris Shoreline Survey Field GuideĀ (Default List)
  2. The Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) List
  3. Abandoned and Derelict Vessels (NOAA)
  4. Rozalia Project Short List
  5. Rozalia Project Long List
  6. Derelict Crab Trap List
  7. Microplastic (from a defined unit area or open ocean sampling)
  8. Fish Aggregating Devices

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