Top Tracker Ranking

We are now ranking our Top Trackers according to sea life icons! The following list is based upon the number of entries (points) users make (not the number of items). Clean it up, track debris… what sea life animal are you going to be?  
Entries Sea Life Animal Icon*
0-99 Starfish Common Starfish
100-299 Seahorse  Seahorse
300-599 Gold Fish  Gold Fish
600-999 Angel Fish  Emperor of Japan Angelfish
1000-1999 Sail Fish  Sailfish
2000-2999 Seal  Seal
3000-3999 Dolphins  Dolphin
4000-6999 Hammerhead Shark  Hammerhead Shark
7000-9999 Great White shark  Great White Shark
10,000-14,999 Leather Back Turtle  Leatherback Turtles
>15,000 Whale Baleen Whales
  * Clip art credited to Florida’s Educational Technology Clearinghouse in the Florida Center for Instructional Technology. Clip Art ETC is copyright © 2012 by the University of South Florida. For their amazing full gallery of images, click on the hammerhead shark here. small Clipart Animals button

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