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Individual users and groups throughout the world are using Marine Debris Tracker to log and document marine debris. We highlight our top users below to thank them for all their amazing work. As you track more, you change sea life forms! Tracking statistics are posted in real time and always current. Thanks to all our trackers!

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GSTC Citizen Science
The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is a marine turtle rehabilitation, research, and education facility on Jekyll Island. The Center's Marine Debris Citizen Science participants keep Jekyll Island's beaches free of marine debris.35928174531
Dedicated Tracker8107343847
kiwis clean Aotearoa
Dedicated Tracker2543924831
Dedicated Tracker6688323688
Dedicated Tracker5569620521
Dedicated Tracker2500617012
Mote HAP Interns
Dedicated Tracker3317016916
green eco services
Dedicated Tracker7224615221
Old Market Photo has a passion for photographic light and to take 18,000 steps a day. The path behind him is cleaner than what faces him because he picks up litter and documents it all with MDT! Find him on Twitter @oldmarketphoto.8770210852
Dedicated Tracker141889704

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