The Mobile App Marine Debris Tracker originated in 2010 from a joint partnership of the NOAA Marine Debris Program and the Southeast Atlantic Marine Debris Initiative (SEA-MDI), located within the College of Engineering at the University of Georgia. A primary goal of SEA-MDI was to use innovative technologies and unique expertise to add culturally relevant outreach tools and information to the NOAA Marine Debris Program. Marine Debris Tracker is a product of this initiative. We hope that it spreads awareness of marine debris, as well as serve as an easy to use and simple tool for marine debris data collection. In 2015, funding from 11th Hour Racing (A Program of The Schmidt Family Foundation) is allowing us to expand the tracker as a culturally relevant outreach and data collection tool for the sailing community. Please feel free to provide feedback to us individually (developers below) or at sea.marine.debris@gmail.com. Need a customized Marine Debris App? Marine Debris Tracker will likely soon serve your needs with customized lists, so contact us for more details on how that can be done. We would like to acknowledge the work of the following people on this project.

SEA-MDI Principle Investigator/Developer:

Jenna Jambeck, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Georgia, jjambeck@uga.edu

Lead Software Developer/Programmer:

Kyle Johnsen, AssociateProfessor, College of Engineering, The University of Georgia, kjohnsen@uga.edu

11th Hour Racing Point of Contact:

Michelle Carnevale, Program Associate-Grants Management, 11th Hour Racing, michelle@11thhourracing.org

NOAA Point of Contact:

Jason Rolfe, Marine Debris Deputy Division Chief (acting), NOAA Marine Debris Program, Jason.Rolfe@noaa.gov

Graduate Student Programmer:

Aryabrata Basu, basuarya@uga.edu


Alliene Phillips, alliene@gmail.com

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